Monday, September 29, 2008

The Honor Girl

"When the table was set, Elsie ran out into the yard, and picked a handful of yellow roses from the straggling old bush in the yard, and put them into a vase in the centre of the table. The always had flowers of some kind on the dinner-table at Aunt Ester's. It gave the one little festive touch now that showed a woman had been at work trying to make things beautiful."

The Honor Girl by Grace Livingston Hill

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I really do love blogging!!! You just can't tell it from my lack of posts lately. Wow, things have been crazy around here!!!

If you would, please keep Troy in your prayers. He is working hard and trying to grow up. It's such a tough age and time in life. He has consumed most of my thoughts and energy lately. Which is a little hard considering I do have 6 other children!! Anyway, the others seem to be clicking along pretty well.

Brian is talking still of joining the service. If he does, he'll be leaving a couple of weeks before Christmas!! Again, hard for a mother's heart to think of!! More prayer!!!!!!!

I guess I am still adjusting to the children all going to school. I thought I would have all this time and get so much done. I feel like I am farther behind than when school started!!

Our washer died this past week. Our washer is a needed servant around here, it is used all day - every day; so the lifetime expectancy of a washer in this house isn't too long!!

Artie is so good at fixing things that we were hoping that he could fix this too (he has fixed it several times in the past). We ordered the part needed - a floater something - and waited over a week for it to arrive. So, everyday I've been lugging dirty clothes to the laundromat to wash. Now, for an average size family, this isn't quiet as big a deal as it is here!! We go through lots of clothes - one day has - 8 jeans, 8 shirts, 8 undies, 3 bras, 16 socks, 4 towels (we usually share when it works out), and then trying to wash one set of sheets a day to get through everyone's. Add in gym clothes, coats, wash clothes, dish clothes, dish towels, blankets, stuffed animals who need a bath, the list just seems to go on and on!!!! :-)

Okay, it's not quiet this bad, but.....

The part came in. So much for the washer's life - the part didn't fix it. Water is still pouring over the top of the washer. Now, I have to wait until Artie can go and get me a new one. It's not like a washer is something I can just run out and pick up during my grocery trip to Wal-Mart!! He's got to remove the old one and then find and bring home a new one. Hopefully, by this weekend, we'll be up and running again. Until then, I'm spending my days at the laundromat (trying to keep my clothes on my body!!). It is taking the place of my exercising right now. I don't have the time or the energy to do both!!

The one good thing of spending time at the laundromat, I was able to finish up my new Beverly Lewis book - The Forbidden. Ohhh, it's good. It's the second in the series of The Courtship of Nellie Fisher. The third one comes out this October I believe. I can't wait. I have now officially read off of Beverly's adult books and looking forward to the new one's arrival. Brenda is reading her series for teenagers - Summerhill Secrets and loving her as much as I do. I might just have to actually buy the new one at full price. Most I got at the library, off e-bay or through Paperback Swap. I never pay full price!!! :-)

So, I do plan of blogging more, it life allows!!! :-) See you all soon!!