Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Prom Day

For those of you keeping up with our family, you know it's been a while since we've seen Brian - the last time was during Christmas. Saturday afternoon we had a lovely surprise. He stopped by with his girlfriend, Jessica on their way to the prom (I say stopped by, but he had to drive about 40 minutes out of his way to get to our house) - so it was a real planned trip to come and see us. :-) This is the same little girl he was dating when he had moved back home. Not sure where things stand with them now?? Didn't ask too many questions.

They looked very nice. I told Brian he looked a little like the Easter bunny in his white and hot pink!! :-)
All the children were glad to see him!!

As were Artie and I.

He is making plans to finish up high school over the summer and talking about joining the military in January??? We'll see, that still a long way off. And all this time it's been Troy I was praying wouldn't join up!!!

Spring in our Backyard

One of our dogwood trees in bloom with a wisteria vine intertwined.

Carolina Wrens

Easter afternoon during our Easter egg hunt, the children found a bird's nest in our old grill. Daily the kids would peek in and see how the baby birds were doing. There were five.

One day it looked as if the babies were dying. We kept a watch out and the mama bird didn't come back. We weren't sure what had happened to her and looked up online what to do with abandoned birds. It said to feed them bread soaked in sugar water. So, every 2-3 hours Brenda and Emily fed the tiny birds and they seemed to come back around. Three died, but 2 thrived.

They loved when the girls feed them. Finally they were up strong enough to begin learning how to flap around.
This little birdie flew from Brenda's hand up to her shirt. SCARED BRENDA TO DEATH!! :-) (the ugly scratch on Brenda's face was from her doggie - Elmo - it looks much better now!)
Emily even held one of them.

Here they are up close.

After days of no birdie mama, the mama (below) reappeared (or another mama adopted them?? does that happen?) She began coming and feeding them for the afternoon and then they all flew off by nightfall.

The girls had so much fun with them all. It was sweet of God to help them save 2 of the 5 and allow the girls to learn even more about the Carolina Wrens. (Emily's bird from last semester in school)

Terry's 5th Birthday

Well, I guess I am more than a little behind on my blogging. Here are some pictures from Terry's birthday - on April Fool's Day.

I can't believe my baby's five!!!

Terry is going to join in on the twins' birthday party in June, so he got just presents from Artie and I and a birthday dinner on his actual birthday. (all thrifted!!!) :-)

Present #1 - First pair of roller skates!

Daddy likes to get outside toys!!! Not as much clutter in the house!!

Watch out!!
Bobby and Emily to the rescue!

Emily's such a great big sister!!

Present #2 - Zoingo Boingo - Another outside toy!!! Lots of fun jumping and exercise here!!

Terry is such a sweet boy!! We were definitely blessed with his arrival!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Danni's Gymnastics Recital - Intro

It's been so busy lately around here that I haven't had time to work on my blog. I am hoping to get a few pictures up today.

Here is Bobby's gymnastic recital. He did so good. Everyone was talking about how strong he is to be able to do the rings. That's his favorite part~~

Here's their intro... (Bobby is in one of the advanced classes, the cute girls in the pink are the competition team.)

The bars - you've gotta catch this one quick. :-) (They are in the back of the gym, behind the balance beam.)

Here's Bobby's floor work. Cartwheel, round off, 2 back bend kickovers, and a limber with a kickover .

And the favorite - the rings!!

Here is Bobby with his medal. We were so proud of him.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stephen's learned how to tie his shoe!!!

Library Day

We went to the library this morning. I love the library!!!

Emily got 4 accelerated readers and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe on CD to listen to.

Terry got a Dora DVD (they are finally having some kid's DVD's at our piddly little library).

Brenda got the second Box Car book - Surprise Island (this doesn't count for school - so she will be reading this one on her own time) and two books on Amish Quilts. Doesn't that sound fun. We are gonna study the Amish Quilts for her artist study this quarter instead of just one artist. She is just finishing up Mary Cassatt now.

I got nothing!!! I have officially read every Beverly Lewis book they had!!! There is one more series that she's is writing and I've ordered the first book - The Courtship of Nellie Fisher from Amazon. The last one isn't even finished yet, so when I read these two, I'll just have to wait until she's done to find out what happens.

I need to find a new author I guess. I think I'm gonna try and check out Grace Livingston Hill. Any other ideas? Something homemakey!! :-)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Comforter

Hey guess what, I got a new comforter today. It's really cute. Now all I need are the pretty curtains, lamps, bed, rug and night stand and I'll be all set!!! :-)

The Unit

"Good news, The Unit will be back on, although only with repeats, beginning April 29. This show will air in its regular slot, Tuesdays at 9:00PM. This should be a positive sign that CBS has some faith in the show. Hopefully this will mean a pick up for next season. " This was posted on TV.com.

Hopefully something good will come from it!! There's only so much Dancing with the Stars that Artie can handle!!! :-)


While I am thinking on TV, I thought I would check on our favorite shows - the ones we are still waiting on to return.

"24 Season 7 - To Return January 2009Fox has announced that 24 will be delayed until January 2009 to ensure that Day 7 can air uninterrupted, in it's entirety. The 14 week writer's strike postponed 24's seventh season which was originally scheduled to premiere in January 2008." - this was posted on Keifer Rocks.

Okay Keifer, that isn't rocking too well with me!!!

Guess I'd better go and check on The Unit now too!!!

American Idol 7 Jason Castro- Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Here is my favorite song from Tuesday night!! :-)

Hey Gwyn, if you want to see American Idol while you're in Costa Rica, it's almost all on different YouTube posts!! :-)

Shout to The Lord American Idols on Idol Gives Back

I was so shocked last night when American Idol Gives Back ended. They ended with Shout to the Lord!!! A truly praise and worship song to Jesus!!! Will wonders never cease???

My favorite quote from the night was a little girl in Africa. She is dying of aids and has no electricity but said she never missed a day of her schooling!!!

If my own children (and me too!) could appreciate all the advantages and blessings we have been given....

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Monster at the End of this Book

Terry and I just finished reading one of my favorite book from when I was little. I absolutely loved this book!! I think Terry loved it too. Emily has already read it to him twice today before I read it and Brenda read it to him last night!!!

If you littles haven't read this one, it's great fun.

Whatever you do, DON'T TURN THE PAGE!!!!

Moses the Kitten

Here is a wonderful living book for Nature Study. (I think Charlotte Mason would love this one!!) Emily is just beginning reading the James Herriott's books (the stories from the Treasury series - our library has each story as it's own book - but not the whole treasury). Moses the Kitten was the first in her readings. It's a lovely and warm book - with lots of good farm knowledge and beautiful pictures passed on.

Mitten Strings for God - Chapter 4

Book study with Dawn from By Sun and Candlelight...

Chapter 4 - Quiet

Wow, I guess to have peace, you must have quiet too huh?

These chapters seem so intertwined in my mind.

One of my favorite verses and the main character trait I am working on with Emily is...

"And let not your adornment be merely external - braiding of hair, and wearing gold jewelry, or putting on dresses; but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God." 1 Peter 3:3-4

To be able to quiet your self is such a lady-like quality. It's still hard for me at times, but so well worth the effort.

Here's one of my favorite quotes from this chapter...

"In each day there are long stretches of quiet. I often cook, garden, write and read in silence. Our boys draw, paint, do puzzles and projects - in silence. Before we flick on the car radio or the DC player, we stop long enough to think: Do we want to exchange this quiet for sound?"

What do I hear right now in my house? Cars riding by in the distance, Emily with the hiccups, water dripping in my bathroom (guess I should check on that one!!) :-) , Troy coming in from taking Elmo out.

Do you strive to have some quiet?

Mitten Strings for God - Chapter 3

Book study with Dawn from By Sun and Candlelight

Chapter 3 - Peace

The first thing I did before I finished the first paragraph was ask Terry to turn off the TV. No one was even watching it. The local noonday news was invading our home even without my knowledge. I have been addicted to TV since 7th grade. I had a TV in my room and spent most of my hours in there with it on. Even if there was nothing to watch, it kept me company. When I went off to college, my TV went with me like a trusted friend. It has gotten better over the years. Most days it is off during school (we had cable removed and that helps a lot), but most evenings it is still on. Just background noise often - like we need background noise in a house with six children!!! I love the sound of quiet - while am I still so often drawn to take a break and sit down in front of the TV?

Emily, Terry and I just got back from a trip to Goodwill. It was a nice and productive (that's Artie's word for the month - PRODUCTIVE!!) trip. Emily got a cute pair of sandals and three dresses. She has been wanting to wear more dresses lately and needed some new (or new to her) ones for the summer. I hope in a couple of weeks we can find a few more and she will be set.

Anyway, while we were walking around the store - it was a peaceful time. Troy and Brenda were home - but they are old enough where I don't have to worry about them while I'm gone. So much of my time is spent rushing to get back home to the children. It was nice to quietly walk around the store and just browse a while. Terry and Emily played with the games they had for sale. Peace can be found most places if we take the time to enjoy it I think.

One of the things we try to do to maintain peace is not to have too many outside engagements - especially in the evenings. With 6 children - it's hard not to have everyone going in different directions. Most of the children only have 1 thing that they are involved with after school - so we don't spend all our time running all over town from this to that. The little boys all take wrestling together - so that is exercise for all three with only one outing. Plus I gain a quiet hour to read!! (I finished my latest Amish book - The Brethren - by Beverly Lewis

and have started Mother by Kathleen Norris)

I am still hoping to get the girls in swimming this summer together - that will probably be in the day time - so again - will help leave our nights peaceful. I plan through my day looking ahead to the night and next day. Tonight Bobby has practice for the Jr. Miss pageant. No, you didn't read that wrong. :-) His gymnastics class is providing the entertainment for the Jr. Miss pageant. So, I've gather all the clothes he needs and everything is ready for him. Artie will enjoy his time with the other children while we are gone. Artie called today and said he has an opportunity to work some overtime tomorrow - so added to today's list is make sure all the clothing he needs for tomorrow are washed and ready for him. Hopefully all in a peaceful manner!!! :-)

Here are some of my favorite quotes from this chapter.

"Just as our children depend on us for three meals a day, they also need us to prepare peaceful spaces for them in the midst of this busy world."

Along with Dawn's favorite quote by Thoreau to love "a broad margin to my life' - the less packed into a day, the better."

"I am learning to leave some space around the edges of our days"

"The impact of just a few minutes of quiet attention can be profound, changing the mood of an entire day, restoring equilibrium to a distressed child, and to a frazzled mother as well."

How do you all foster peace in your life and in your family?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Paper Back Swap

I just found a fun sight through Shower of Roses - it's called - Paper Back Swap. I listed 10 books I have been meaning to list on e-bay (much easier than listing on e-bay!!). That gave me two free books to pick and have mailed to me free. Next, I have already had one the the books I had listed chosen and will mail it off tomorrow. That will give me a third free book. I pay for the books I ship and each other person pays their own shipping. It looks like a great set-up. I can't wait to pick my books!!

Has anyone else used this before?

If you register, please use my e-mail address - artiequinn @ yahoo . com - i think I get credit for you signing up, but I'm not sure how to post their banner here yet??? :-)

Everything Glorious


Do you ever have those glorious days? Spring is just beautiful today!! I am gonna try and get some of our neighborhood sights later today. God is so good. Some days it just almost seems to much!!!