Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kelly's Thursday

It's a quiet morning here at the Quinn home. It has begun a hard rain outside, blowing leaves everywhere!! We have two beautiful trees in our yard. I hate to see the leaves fall. Here's a picture I took a couple of days ago.

I had been working in the kitchen this morning washing up a few dishes and wiping down the counters and had Dr. Phil on in the background. It got so disgusting, I had to turn it off. Ever now and then they have a show I like - talented kids or inspiring people. I don't know why I deal with the possibility of goodness when most of the time it's trash. I've got WLFJ - my local Christian station (you can listen online if you don't have a great one) playing now. It's always good to uplift and help me keep my eyes on Jesus. I I especially love it when they play - Third Day.

Talking about good Christian music, Brenda is going to see Toby Mac tonight in Greenville. She is so excited. I guess DC Talk was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. I'm sure Toby will be great too.

We are still recovering from a wide variety of illnesses. Bobby came home from school Monday morning sick. He seemed better all Tuesday, but the came home sick again yesterday. Today I kept him in, hopefully to conquer this totally. He's sleeping now. Very sweet, like a baby again. :-) Everyone else is hard at work or school, at least for a little while. I am fixing to go and pick up Troy and Brenda for a dentist appointment. How old do they have to get before they are thankful that you watch out for them and do the right things? They are still whining about going to the dentist and I am trying to talk Troy into getting braces. He doesn't want to mess with them and needs them very bad. I had hoped (0a couple of years ago) when the dentist first started talking about them, that when he grew up a little, he would be more responsible and ready. Unfortunately we haven't hit that place yet. The orthodontist said if waits until his adult life, they will probably have to break his jaw to set things right. Kids......

So, after the dentist and getting the kids back to school, we will be getting ready for Emily chorus performance tonight. I have to make sure and get my camera ready!! :-) I think they are suppose to be singing patriotic songs and dressing in red, white and blue.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The day after...

I am slowly making my way through the day. I didn't cut the computer or phone on until after lunch - Artie thought I had been in bed all that time. :-) Not in bed, just moving slowly.

I am just trying to keep up (or really catch up) with all the dailies. I've had a nice warm shower and washed my hair, picked up and swept the living room, got dishes washing in the dishwasher and sheets washing in the washer.

There is still a lot to do. I've got dinner to prepare for (an easy dinner tonight - it's church night for the children), clothes to wash, outfits to prepare for tomorrow, lots more picking up and sweeping and still more dishes to wash!!!

I think it's time to eat something today!! I'm starving. I think I might treat myself to a Sub Station sub for lunch. :-)

I do realize that it is a historic day in our country, I'm just trying to figure out all my thoughts on the subject. I guess the main thought I have is I just wish it had been a different African American man who had won the presidency. One who was against abortion and the for the rights of the unborn. It's hard for me to feel very excited about the boundaries broken when the new president still isn't for the rights for everyone, especially the most in danger in this country - the unborn ~~~