Friday, April 24, 2009

Terry's Sixth Birthday Party

Terry picked riding 4 wheelers for his birthday. So we all went to Uncle Bryan's for the day.

Hunter and Jacob also came with us.

Granny met us there...


Granny got Terry a Spiderman video game - he loved it!!

The children got him a baseball, bat, and bases.

Granny played baseball with them and got a hit :-)

Artie and I got Terry a punching bag and gloves. He's so funny with them!!!

It was a beautiful day and they had a great place to ride.

It's time!!

Gotta wear your helmet right!!



Brenda and Terry

Brenda, Stephen and Hunter sitting on the dock

Hunter and Brenda took the little children for a canoe ride (the water was so brown from the big rain we had the weekend before)

Bobby and Stephen

Elmo came too

After the hot of the day, the big kids decided they were getting wet

It was freezing cold!!

We all had a fun day. Looking forward to going back when it's warmer and we can swim some.

Terry's Sixth Birthday

Terry - my April Fool's baby - greeted me before I ever opened my eyes saying "Look Mama, Look!" I wiped my eyes awake to "April Fools!!" :-)

Terry had a party at Kindergarten celebrating his sixth birthday. It was a very sweet celebration. Artie and I brought the pizza and drinks - along with "Daddy had to work and I couldn't get the pizza - April Fool's!!" :-) The children were all excited.
We were suppose to bring in a poster with pictures representing Terry's life so far. We took one of him and this brothers and sisters, a baby shot, his 2 year old birthday, our whole family at the playground, Halloween as a clown, his third birthday, bowling at 3 years old, fishing at 4 years old, ring bearer at Jack and Nikki's wedding and the most current - winning the Pinewood Derby!!

Terry and Ms. Martin - the classroom helper

Terry and Mrs. Cannon - he got her with April Fool's too!

Each student has a celebration for their birthdays. They hold the earth and walk around the sun and clouds representing each of the 12 months - once for each year of their lives.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brenda's 8th Grade Formal

So, we live in Gaffney now. Who knew there was an 8th grade formal? Back in 1982, Artie's and I were attending our first dance - the 8th grade semi-formal. :-) Wish we had got to dress up like Brenda did. Wish we had all the great friends she does.

Here's the whole gang.... (Brenda and Hunter in the very middle)

The pretty girls...


Brenda and Hunter. He was such a doll to go with her. They are so cute together!! Hunter home schools so he couldn't really ask her to her school's dance. Brenda didn't want to be the one to invite him, so his mom and I kinda invited them. :-)

Hunter was so sweet to give her such pretty jewelry and flower!!

Summer (Hunter's sister) did her makeup - I know I'm such a mama, but thought she looked so beautiful.

Terri did a wonderful job on her hair.

Why is everyone leaning towards me? They don't want me to feel bad for being the shortest one in the family. (Emily and Stephen are catching me quickly)

Off to the dance.... Such a gentleman!!

I'm sure Brenda will post the pictures of all her friends on Facebook. They took lots of beautiful pictures!! Hope the dance was a beautiful as the kids all were!!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Gaffney Art Show

Emily's basket weaving project was picked to be the the Art Show at the High School to represent Limestone Central - 3rd grade. She was very proud. Didn't it turn out cute?

Artie's New Toy

All the children had to try it out. Mama waited. Maybe next time...

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Little Visits with God

I found the most precious book the other day while shopping in town. It's titled Little Visits with God by Allan Hart Jahsmann. It is beautifully written and has my little children begging each night to read a story. My older children have even sat in a time or two and listened with littles. Very highly recommended!!

Here is a review from Amazon:

"This is a wonderful tool for parents who are trying to find a way to reach their children during family devotions. Each story begins with a theme Bible verse, and then presents a story involving children and their parents related to the Bible passage. Afterward, there is a series of questions so that you can discuss the story with your children. For older children there is an extended Bible reading listed. Finally there is a concluding prayer.Not only will this help involve your children in family devotions, but the questions also help to develop listening skills. These benefits flow into church on Sunday morning. I highly recommend this book for anyone trying to involve their children in family devotions. "

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Grace Livingston Hill

Monica at the Homespun Heart has found Grace Livingston Hill!! Monica is a wonderfully creative mama from South Carolina too. I have enjoyed her blog. I so love GLH and am happy with other women find her writings. Have you read any of her books?