Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Year End Review - July

Artie's new company that he was working for was bought out. He now works for Comfort Systems of the Carolinas. It is the largest mechanical contractor in the US. He has been very blessed in his new job. He now works in an office - no more working in 100 degree weather or the rain or the freezing cold. He works with some wonderful men - except for this crazy guy named Jack. You gotta watch out for him.

With his new job, Artie was sent to South Boston VA for a week long training session. It was a good week for him and he learned a lot. Brian was able to go with him. They stayed at an old plantation that had been renovated beautifully.

Troy took his first Youth Beach Trip (as a youth - he went on many when he was younger with Artie and I). I can't believe Brenda will be older enough to go next year!!

While the big boys were gone to VA and the beach, I painted and cleaned Troy's room (a good week long project!!) and Brenda learned to knit on a little circle thingy!! ??? She did very good and knitted her first baby hat.

Brian finally got to take his Driver's Ed course, he is now ready to get his driver's liscence!!!

Brenda and I took the little children to see The Princess and the Pea at the library. It was a fun puppet show.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Year End Review - August

In getting ready for school to start, Emily decided to have her hair cut. This was the first big cut she had ever had. They cut off 8 inches from the back. A week later she went and had her ears pierced!! My little girl's growing up!!

We were able to take the whole family to see my friend, Kathy and her family before they left for the mission field. It was good to see her and her family. Kathy and I attended elementary school and Girl Scouts together (our moms were our leaders).

All the children started public school this year. This is the first time in eleven years that I haven't been homeschooling someone!!

Stephen and Bobby started Kindergarten at Limestone Central. Stephen has Mr. Howard and Bobby had Mrs. Woodlief. Mrs. Woodlief was Brenda's teacher in first grade (the year the twins were born). She said she remembered the twins coming to visit the school in their little double stroller.

Emily is in Mrs. Hammett's first grade class. Mrs. Hammett has been a doll. I'll have to take another post to tell about all that!!

Brenda started 6th grade at Granard Middle School. She loves it, but I sure do miss her being homeschooled.

Troy is in 8th grade at the same school as Brenda and Brian is in 11th at Chapman. I can't believe the older boys are THAT OLD!! :-)

We had fun celebrating Brenda's 11th birthday this year. It was a very special birthday. We took about 10 of her friends, plus Granny, Mrs. Gwyn & Sierra, and Emily to tea in Charlotte. We went to a cute tea room called LaTeaDa!! It was a very LaTeaDa day!!

They made her the most wonderful cake - beautiful and heavenly tasting!

Brenda got to wear a crown and be the Birthday Queen for the day.

They decorated the room beautifully. Each girl had a balloon tied on her chair. Pink tablecloths, flowers, lots of good food! They each had their own place card showing them where to sit. They got to go the the trunk and pick out dress up clothes - each girl got a dress, hat, gloves, hat, scarf or boa. They had such fun. It was a fun way to celebrate that special day!!! This is the biggest birthday party we have ever done - her daddy and I both thought every little girl needs one extra special birthday to remember!! (Plus she's not gonna be a little girl that much longer!!) I can't wait til Emmie's rolls around (she's already said she wants the same!!). I was very happy that Brenda got to celebrate with her Granny too!!

Year End Review - September

Brenda and Emily both joined Girl Scouts. Brenda is a junior and Emily is a Brownie. Brenda has been in scouting before but this is Emily's first year.

Troy broke a bone in his hand while showing Brenda how tough he was (hitting a book) - thus ending his football season.

Emily, Stephen and Bobby attended a Good News Club on Thursday afternoons sponsored by First Baptist.

My Uncle Bob died this year. They did a beautiful service for him showing his love for his family and service to his country in the military. I was so sorry for my Aunt Bonnie. It was so good to see the family though. Aunt Coella came down from Virginia - it was so special to get to talk with her. I want to look like my aunt Coella when I grow up. I think she has the sweetest face - reminds me of my Nanny.

Troy turned 14 on Sept 11. He got a very nice bicycle and a stand to keep it on. It stays up in his room when he's not riding it.