Thursday, December 19, 2013

Troy at ETC

My guest post ended up taking six months instead of two weeks, but here it is...

This is Troy, mom's second oldest son. I'm currently at Evans Training Center and have been for the last 21 months. When I was fifteen I tried my first cigarette and from there it was less than six months before I was smoking pot. I knew no limits and there was no line I was unwilling to cross. This lasted all the was through my high school career.  When I got to the end of my 12th grade year I still had 3 classes I needed to finish in the summer; but I was way to involved with my fantasy world with my buddies, smoking pot and drinking that school was never something I pursued. Two months after my 19th birthday I found myself in such a lowly place I saw no hope or chance of freedom. One night after a argument with my father I decided I was done with my family and life as I knew it. I, in anger and teenage stupidity, decided I would be better off under a bridge than in the home with my loving family. While I was packing my bags through tears and rage mom ask me if I would like to call Benji. She told me he had a place for guys like me. I called and talked to him for a few minutes and before I got off he told me to call him back the next morning at ten. This went on for three or four days. then on a rainy Monday night mom drove me out t this little house set back in the woods. During my intake interview Ben told me that the little brat that back talked his mom and disrespected his dad would show up. I was sure I could keep up a good face and fool everyone into thinking I was a good'ole boy. It wasn't long before I showed my tail and got truth spoke to me. My program seemed to take forever.  All the way through I knew God was telling me to stay on for Servant Leadership Training (SLT), so after graduating on July 15, 2012 I sighed up for another year. I love where I am. Its still not easy but having God's favor on my life comes by obedience to His word and His word is stay. I came broken and in pieces. God's had me in a pressure cooker for the last two years and he has healed so much in my life.  Now I can help other young men come out of the same bondage that held me for so long. In Ben's words "We are more than conquerors, taking what the enemy used to keep us down and using it to bring glory to our Father."

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Brenda's Graduation

While we're waiting on my guest post...

Summer break is more than half way over .  Brenda graduated!!!! 

Brenda and Brian after graduation.

Brenda and Rachel

We were all so proud of all Brenda's accomplishments.  She has already begun her college courses at Spartanburg Community College and will continue towards a Pharmacy Technician certificate in the fall. 

After graduation, Brenda hit the air and headed to New York.  I'll try and get some pictures up soon...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Teeny Tiny Thoughts... #2

Teeny Tiny Thoughts #2

Today's Teeny Tiny Thoughts

  • I am trying to clean out my email account - old, old stuff!!
  • while cleaning out my email - I found free coupons for Terry and Bobby and Stephen to Sonic.  Do you get their free Wacky Packs for the kids birthdays? 
  • Bobby had to go home from the library for me and get my card so I could put some money on my account so I could print the coupons out. 
  • worth it for a nice free lunch
  • we're having egg salad sandwiches for dinner tonight
  • went to Aldi's today - love that store
  • also found a $1.99 coupon for Sonic to cover Emily   :-)
  • Brenda is working at Medicine Mart this afternoon, she babysat Joseph and Luke this morning - what a great job - she gets paid to go sit by the pool... 
  • Emily has begun walking
  • Stephen and Bobby are playing on the computers at the library while I'm writing
  • Terry is playing with his friend CJ
  • watching The Family Meal Table by Nancy Campbell tonight from Netflix
  • just finished What If with Kevin Sorbo from Hercules, didn't know he was a Christian - good movie, I'm gonna have to get it and bring it to Troy
  • coupons printed for Sonic
  • computer time is up for today, will continue my Teeny Tiny Thoughts tomorrow

Thursday, June 20, 2013

a Quinn at ETC

Well, I've introduced you to Katy, Hunter, Dunklin and ETC... but I haven't quite told you how ETC fits into our lives. 

I think I'm gonna let Troy write this post in his own words.  Stay tuned for a guest post...  :-)

Updated... I talked to Troy and he is going to write this post for me.  It will probably be two weeks before it gets up.  He is leaving as a chaperon for the Youth's Texas trip Sunday morning and will be gone for a week. 

Monday, June 17, 2013


A dream becomes a reality
Evans Training center is a Christian discipleship program, right here in the upstate, for men coming out of addictions. The center believes that “the Christian approach to alcohol and drug addiction produces the most effective and enduring results”.
Ben Dismukes is a living testimonies that this core belief holds true. Not only does he run the center but he has overcome addictions in his own personal life. 

Ben Dismukes, now clean for eight years, shares his story and his desire to help others find the same freedom. He refers to himself as a “blessed man.” He is thankful for what the Lord has done in his life and he wants to give back.

The vision for the center was birthed many years ago in the hearts of Robby and Vida Dismukes, Ben’s parents. They were greatly impacted by a program at Dunklin, in South Florida, where their son was receiving help at the time. The regular trips to visit their son had become tiresome. They questioned why their own city did not have a place where they could find help. The Dunklin center clearly made a strong impression on these parents. What they experienced there was a wonderful atmosphere that embraced and ministered to the whole family. They desired to see this kind of program here in their own city. Robby Dismukes is President of the Evans Training Center.
Evans Training Center is modeled after Dunklin. At Evans, the same kind of environment concerned with the healing and restoration of the family is a priority. Counselors work with the wives of men in the program who are willing to press through the pain.

Evans Training Center is an eight month, in residence program. The program addresses the spiritual, mental and physical issues involved with addictions. The men are working through issues and dealing with all areas of life. They are taking ownership and responsibility. They are making amends. They are forgiving themselves and other people. Before they leave the program there is not anything that they haven’t dealt with in their lives. When they leave they are without excuse. They are no longer victims of circumstance. They have healed hearts and a fresh start.

In addition to discipleship and counseling, the men are assigned to a daily work program. Sundays are days when families are encouraged to come and spend the day. The staff is a big part of this family time, bringing their own families, cooking together, eating together and worshipping together. They are truly living examples and role models to the men in this program.

Evans Training Center is located at Restoration Church in Spartanburg, SC. They can be contacted at (864) 506-5652 or Read more about their mission and program at and be sure to check out their facebook page.

(material taken from the

ETC's Beginning

Yesterday I began to introduce you to ETC.  Then I realized that I couldn't tell you about ETC without telling you about Dunklin
Now I guess you're wondering how Dunklin moves into ETC. 
This is the most simpled down post I've ever written..... 
A long time ago when Artie was a youth pastor, we had a young man in our youth group.  He and his family were very special to us.  We loved him like one of our own sons. 
As he grew up he grew away from God, his family, his church.  He became involved in drugs and they nearly took his life.  He sacrificed everything he had for them. 
When he was at his lowest and his family had prayed for God to save him, they found a place in Florida called Dunklin that helped men in his situation. 
He went to Dunklin and found the forgiving goodness of God. 
Fast forward a couple of years. 
The young man moved through the programs at Dunklin.  He married a wonderful girl who had also been in our youth group and we loved as well.  He and his family were so excited about what was happening at Dunklin, they wanted the same thing for the men in this area.
ETC was born...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

ETC - Dunklin's Beginning


Evans Training Center

Guess ETC begins with Dunklin

"Dunklin Memorial Church was founded by Mickey and Laura Maye Evans in 1962 in a wilderness area of Martin County for the purpose of building a “city” for the spiritual, emotional, and physical regeneration of alcoholics and drug addicts."

Men started coming to Dunklin and found more than sobriety, they found a "permanent, lasting relationship with God. They were no longer considered “the problem,” but now a solution to that problem."

They saw that the families of these men needed healing too.  They reached out through "groups and Biblical counseling sessions every weekend. Each member of the family receives guidance and spiritual instruction in the rebuilding of family life."

Dunklin has grown into a thriving church body and ministry training center.  The model is being replicated all over the world. 



  • Dunklin recognizes Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of the ministry.
  • Dunklin provides a healthy environment, biblical instruction, and work opportunities for men trapped in the bondage of chemical addiction.
  • Dunklin pursues family restoration and strives to equip each member to have a personal relationship with the Lord."

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Introduced Katy yesterday, (yesterday being the last time I blogged)  :-)  time to introduce Hunter. 

Hunter has been around even longer than Katy. . .

Hunter is Brenda's boyfriend.  At first he was known as Hunter #2, since Brenda's very first boyfriend was named Hunter also.  Now he's be here long enough to go from Hunter #2 to "that boy" to just being Hunter. 

Hunter is very good to Brenda which is very important to Brenda's mama!!!  :-)  and he makes her laugh, which is a large part in why I chose Brenda's daddy - he makes me laugh still!!  

Somehow is harder to allow your daughter to grow up and fall in love than it is your sons.  Would any of you want to have to have a man to man talk with Artie about his little girl and your intentions towards her????  :-) 

Here are some of the pictures I've missed posting over the last two years. 

This is Brenda and Hunter's Senior Prom.  She looked so pretty.  He cleaned up well too.  All the pictures following Hunter has long hair.  He cut it right after graduation, so I will have to put up a new picture of them when I get one.

Christmas at Aunt Carolyn's

Celebrating their 2 year dating anniversary.  They remind me a little of me and Artie but a lot more mature than we were at that age...

I took them to the park and took some pictures for them. 

At the beach with Hunter's family.  They seem to love her as much as he does.  His church does too. 

Hunter doesn't really care about sports too much, but will pull for Carolina with Brenda.
We love Hunter and they have such a bright future ahead of them.  Can't wait to see how God uses them. 

Tomorrow I will introduce ETC...  :-)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Miss Katy

Friday I told you I had some new people to introduce.    Let's begin with Miss Katy.  Katy is Brian's new girlfriend.  That sounds funny since they've been dating almost two years!!!  See how long it's been since I've blogged...

She's such a cute girl. 

You know to be Brian's girlfriend, she has to love football...
Really all sports...
And be a little crazy... 
She's even trying to teach Brian a little bit of culture...
Here they are going to the theater...
and at the Biltmore House with her triplet brother
Katy has been great for Brian and a great addition to our family...
We love you Katy

Friday, June 07, 2013

Updating our welcome

So, I'm not sure even where to start. Trying to update some things. Hope the old pictures didn't hurt anyone's feelings. That's how long it's been since I've been on here... :-)

Looking at our welcome and description - we are still a family of nine and I can still claim for a little while longer only three are taller than me.... They are chasing me fast!!!

Princess is still Queen of the house. Elmo had to go.... He started off as such a cute little thing. But he kept biting all the neighborhood children and especially Brian. He hated Brian!!! :-) Must have been something about Brian being a Redskins fan and Elmo loved the Cowboys!!!

Hunter gave Brenda a new dog for her birthday, which isn't coming up until August and it was May when she got Toby. He is so cute. He's a Pomeranian/Chihuahua. He shouldn't get much more than ten pounds. He's only five right now. Here's a picture of him with Hunter and Brenda before the prom...


That updates all the people in the immediate family. Got some new friends to introduce to you soon...

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Blogging again....

So, I think I'm suppose to begin blogging again. God is teaching me to be intentional about my days and my time. This helps me and lets me write for my children. Maybe it might help you along the way too. Computer time is up for today, but I'm planning on being back here tomorrow... See ya then

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Salmon Stew

2 packages of salmon - deboned and skinless 4 1/2 cups of water Boil 5 minutes. Add in 1 1/2 stick of butter Salt 6 cans of evaporated milk 6 cans of water 3 cups milk Boil and eat. Make sure we have plenty of Texas Pete, ketchup and crackers.