Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sarah Plain and Tall

It was Sarah Plain and Tall day today. Hallmark showed the complete trilogy!! I love these movies.

As I watched the moves today I cleaned my family room and kitchen. I deeped clean in some piles of papers that were in desperate need of attention. I found some important insurance papers that needed to be filed that were just sitting and waiting. After the table was all clean we had a nice warm dinner of salmon stew - our first of the fall. I love having all my children around my table. Terry has been sick and during the end of the last movie I got to just sit and rock my sweet baby and watch the movie.

Watching the movies I realized that Sarah is a Charlote Mason mama!! She taught the children music - singing and playing the harmonica, nature drawing, journaling, outdoor activies such as swimming and planting flowers, love of animals, and the art of creating beauty in the areas around you. She inspires me to be a better mama and have a prettier kitchen!

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