Monday, January 01, 2007

Year End Review - September

Brenda and Emily both joined Girl Scouts. Brenda is a junior and Emily is a Brownie. Brenda has been in scouting before but this is Emily's first year.

Troy broke a bone in his hand while showing Brenda how tough he was (hitting a book) - thus ending his football season.

Emily, Stephen and Bobby attended a Good News Club on Thursday afternoons sponsored by First Baptist.

My Uncle Bob died this year. They did a beautiful service for him showing his love for his family and service to his country in the military. I was so sorry for my Aunt Bonnie. It was so good to see the family though. Aunt Coella came down from Virginia - it was so special to get to talk with her. I want to look like my aunt Coella when I grow up. I think she has the sweetest face - reminds me of my Nanny.

Troy turned 14 on Sept 11. He got a very nice bicycle and a stand to keep it on. It stays up in his room when he's not riding it.

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