Thursday, February 15, 2007

What I've Done Today

* ironed Artie's clothes for work
* checked calendar for the day
* got all children bathed and ready for school (except Stephen is home sick today)
* took Emily and Bobby to school
* took Troy to school
*got a special breakfast for Terry, Stephen, and myself from McDonalds
* matched a million pairs of socks while listening to the Waltons
* gathered dirty clothes from the living room and bedroom
* hung out a load of sheets on the clothesline
* washed a load of colors
* washed another load of colors
* washed bathroom rug
* folded four loads of laundry from yesterday
* put up two loads of clean, folded clothes
* took Artie's work shirts to the cleaners
* cashed a check at the bank
* picked up and swept the living room
* checked on Artie's new Yahool group
* checked mail

Still a lot to do today. I'm off to work in the family room and kitchen.

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