Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Shriner's Hospital

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I took Troy to the Shriner's Hospital in Greenville today. He had been referred by his pediatrician, after a football physical, to be checked for scoliosis. They staff at the hospital were great. The doctor ended up saying Troy was fine and for us to just keep an eye on his spine or if he had any type of back pain to bring him back. We were told to be prepared to be there for atleast six hours for our first visit. We were in and out in less than three hours.

I so admire what they do at that hospital. Every child is admitted and not charged a dime. The Shriner's have some things I disagree with, but they are so great to handicapped children!!! My daddy joined the Shriner's when I was younger after seeing how well they treated my cousin Karen (who had many surgeries there growing up).

Artie and I were praying that if Troy did have scoliosis, that it would keep him out of the military, but no such thing. The doctor did try and talk him away from the Marines to maybe the Rangers though! He told him that the benefits were the worst for the Marines than all the other branches of service. Troy wasn't moved at all!!! Guess I'll just keep praying about that one!!!!

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