Friday, April 27, 2007

Laundry Day

Today was/is my day to work in the laundry room. Wow, it has gotten in such a mess!!

This is what I've done so far...

*sort our clothes (me, Artie, Stephen, Bobby and Terry)

(Brian, Troy, Brenda and Emily are responsibile for their own)

With nine of us and 8 beds - laundry is a huge undertaking each day!!! I wouldn't know what to do if I ever got caught up!!!

*hang out Brenda's sheets (it was her day to wash her's this morning before school)
*wash colors
*hang colors on the clothes line
*wash jeans
*hang jeans
*wash more colors
*hang more colors
*wash towels and twins' sheets
*sort all Brenda's clothes

hang towels and twins' sheets
wash third load of colors

sort Emmies' clothes - colors, reds, jeans

gather Brian and Troy's dirty clothes for them to wash

sweep laundry room

throw away all trash and put empty laundry bottles in the recycling bin

clean between washer and dryer and move back together

hang colors on the line

Brian - washed his work clothes (Brian's clothes all washed!!)
hang Brian's clothes on the clothesline

wash second load of towels (yeah!! the towels are all washed!!)
hang out towels

wash whites (whites are all washed!!)
hang out whites

dry socks in the dryer (waaaaayyyyy to many to hang out)
wash forth load of colors

everything taken down from the clothesline is folded waiting to be put up.

If you walked in my living room right now and saw all the clothes on the couch and the love seat - you'd wonder why haven't I been working all day??? :-)

Right now, I'm taking a break from cleaning off the top of my dryer!!! How does so much stuff get piled there?

Okay, back again...

hang out colors from earlier
wash fifth and final load of colors!!
dryer cleaned off and stuff put up

one last load of leftovers to wash
one new burgandy shirt to wash alone
and one bathroom rug left to wash!!


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