Wednesday, August 19, 2009

20 Little (and some BIG) Things to Treasure

Inspired by a post at The Inspired Room.

1. A God who always forgives
2. A husband who works hard
3. Children who love to read
4. A clean sink
5. Toenail polish
6. Movies, movies and more movies
7. Time alone
8. Chocolate
9. Books by Beverly Lewis
10. Seeing my daughters cook
11. Watching sons grow into men
12. CF Diet Pepsi
13. Shiny windows
14. True friends
15. Reading God's word
16. Clotheslines
17. Empty laundry baskets
18. Time at the lake (yeah, Artie and I have a date - all day - alone - coming up this week!!!)
19. Maid service (well, I'm sure I would love it!!!) :-)
20. Exercise (okay, that one's a lie - I hate it!!!) :-)

1 comment:

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I love your list, especially had to laugh at number 20! Ha!

And I could totally treasure number 19...never had a maid but I think I can safely say it would be a nice experience!!

Thanks for sharing your list! Enjoy your date ALL DAY ALONE? Sigh. Blissful!!