Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Back Again...

So, it's been ages since I've blogged. I started blogging as sort of a family album for our girls. So, guess it's time I get back at it. The kids are growing fast and this is about the only way I can begin to keep up.

Here's a run down on them all this week...

Artie - just got a new promotion at work. Lots of new stress and potential!! Today he's trading his work truck for an Explorer to drive. He will probably be late. We've got a spiral sliced ham waiting on him for supper.

Brian - living in Greenville in love with Lauren, a beautiful girl. Brian is turning 20 this year. It's such a hard age to have your whole life laid out before you and to narrow down all the opportunities. We continue to pray for God's leading in his choices.

Troy - growing in every way every day. Working hard at school and busily dating Tasha.

Brenda - seems to be the one growing up the most right now to me. Makes me a little sad as her mama to find my new role in her teenage life. Last night she came and got in bed with me and decided she wanted to wrestle!!!

Emily - doing the best in school she's ever done. Mrs. Byers is the perfect teacher for her. She is thriving in her class.

Stephen - working towards straight A's by the end of the year - a challenge his teacher said he was more than capable of hitting. We'll see - it's quite a challenge

Bobby - silly, silly, silly!!! I keep thinking of hearing Mark Lowery talk of how his mama was so loving to him with his own silliness and how God's used his lovely personality to lead others to Him. It's is so great how God uses us as we are and doesn't try to make us someone we're not. Wish I were so easily adaptable and gracious!!

Terry - lost his first tooth this week!!!

and Kelly - trying to overcome!!! Seems like I am battling between depression, high blood pressure and tiredness!!! I have begun reading the Bible through Chronologically and love it. I prayed for study time for so many years when the children were all little and home. I'm also working on a Spring Scrub with Brocante Home and it makes me and the house both happier!!

Elmo - if he doesn't learn how to potty outside - I am going to get rid of him!!!!!!!

Princess - adjusting to Bella

Bella - our pretty new calico cat that adopted us on a snowy weekend

I've got some pictures I can add in when Brenda uploads them for me....


Jessica Buhl said...

Pictures, PLEASE!!!!!!!
Love you!

kellyquinn7 said...

Jessica, See you need to be here more so you can upload my pictures for me. I have to wait on Brenda, most days I just can't figure it out, then some days they just seem to pop right on the computer....