Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So, it's been strawberry week here. The new Aldi's opened this week and a pint of strawberries were only $.99. I have bought at least 3 flats so far. We've had strawberry shortcake, strawberry lemonade, and strawberries and kool whip. I've made my first batch of strawberry freezer jam. Next I want to make a strawberry cake and pie. Looking for good recipes...

Fresh Strawberry-ade

16 ounces fresh strawberries
1 tub crystal light pink lemonade

Wash and remove tops from strawberries. Place in blender and puree until fully liquefied. Fill two quart pitcher halfway with water. Stir in drink mix. Add strawberry puree and fill the rest of the way with cold water. Stir well. If strawberries aren't sweet enough, you can add 1/4 a cup of Splenda or to taste. Serve cold, over ice.

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