Friday, March 07, 2014

Guess What I've Done...

I went to work.  Wait a minute I've been working...

I mean I got a job.  I've had a job...

I meant I got a job outside my home and they pay me money!!! 

I am a home caregiver with Comfort Keepers.  I love it.

I always appreciated all the opportunities God gave me with having so many children.  I never have to look far to be able to clothe the naked and feed the hungry. 

Now, God has given me an outside job where I can still minister to people.  When I started looking for a job I was looking back to see what can I do? I have a college degree but much more than that - I have life experience.  I know how to take care of people.  Hey, there's a job where I can do that?  How cool is that...

I am working with all types of people - people with Alzheimer's, cancer patients, elderly patients, people recovering from surgeries, rich, poor, black, white, Christian and Catholic, old and older :-)

I am cooking for, dressing, talking with, walking with, watching TV with, attending Mass with, grocery shopping for, reading to, entertaining and comforting.  There's some gross and yucky parts too, just like with mothering - I'll leave all that part out for you cause I'm sweet like that. 

Everyday is an opportunity to bless someone in need - be it physical, social or spiritual.  While I'm trying to bless others, I'm being blessed as well.  I am being complimented, appreciated, educated, and often even loved. 

My very first client was a Hospice patient and I was privileged to be able to be alone with her when she went to be with the Lord.  What a Holy time.  I am just truly beginning to understand the verse that talks about the day of death being better than the day of birth.  What a blessing to get to walk a believer to the Lord. 

God is so good. I am thankful for this new opportunity He's given me.

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