Sunday, April 02, 2017

Mitten Strings for God - Chapter 7

I began this study back in 2008 when my children were much younger.  I never finished.  This morning I woke up very early and was looking for something to read.  I picked the book back up (it's been in my to read shelf all these years) and was reminded how much I loved it.  I also reread my old posts and was thrilled to read of our daily lives.  One day I will look back on my current days and will enjoy reminiscing like I did this morning.  

So lets see what I can do in 2017...

Chapter 7 in Mitten Strings for God is on Play.  

Play is much different in our home than it was in 2008.  

Our current favorite ways to play...

Artie - playing hearts with the men at Evans Training Center or basketball with the boys or ping pong with everyone
Kelly - watch a movie or reading a book
Currently Artie and I have been watching college basketball while the South Carolina Gamecocks made it to the Final Four for the first time in school history. 
Emily - playing with Chloe, shopping in stores and online, and hanging out with Lane
Stephen - video games and basketball
Bobby - running 
Terry - chatting with many friends on his phone, playing football or jumping on the trampoline

Looking back when I was their ages, my favorite play time was time spent with Artie.  Terry is just the age I was when Artie became my boyfriend (8th grade). We wrote notes and snuck around and talked on the telephone (which was attached to a chord and hanging on the wall!).  We went on so many dates - to the mall, the movies, out to dinner, to play putt putt.  Our funnest times were just hanging out at his mama's house cooking tacos with jalapenos and watching movies.  (this picture is probably 10th or 11th grade)

Katrina Kenison (the author) says "Children need time that is utterly their own." I believe that is true for all of us at any age.  Spring break begins here tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to having some free time that we just can't experience as much during the school year.  The neighborhood kids all come and play basketball and football.  Boyfriends and girlfriends will be in the mix of plans.  I'm looking forward to some spring time weather and meals.  It's time to wear flip flops and capri's.  It's a beautiful time to be alive!! 

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