Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year End Review - October

Troy put in a couple of applications looking for a part time job but nothing turned up yet.

I had minor foot surgery with major anesthesia!!

Artie went with the men from work and watched the Carolina Panthers play in Charlotte.

Artie and I celebrated our 15th anniversary by taking the family to Myrtle Beach (thanks to Comfort Systems). Granny was able to go with us. It was a fun time. We played in the ocean, toured around the Grand Strand, said good-bye to the Pavilion, ate a lot and played games together. Granny used the time to play with the children and catch up on some rest. We are all looking forward to returning during a little warmer weather!!

Here we are in an ice cream parlor.

We're playing Greedy, a dice game we learned from some of our college and career kids years ago.

The children loved the Fall Fun Festival at church. It was a beautiful afternoon. Terry had grown big enough this year to play in all the attractions. Here is Emily climbing the wall in the obstacle course.

Stephen is playing in the ball pit.

Bobby is bouncing down the big slide and Terry does make it to the top of the wall. He was so proud!!


Emily as a 50's girl in her poodle skirt.

Stephen as a boxer, like his Papa Quinn.

Bobby as an Army man.

And Terry as Superman!!

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