Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New School Books

I love when the mailman comes with packages. We got in two new school books for next year: Keeping a Nature Journal by Leslie and Roth and Paddle to the Sea by H. C. Holling. I am excited about the nature journal book. I've never been very good about drawing or journaling or being outside!! ;-) School teaches so much - even to the teacher. I'm going to start my own nature journal this year with the girls I think. There are journal examples for each season. Brenda and I have already both been drawing from the pictures inside.

Paddle to the Sea is one of the books Emily will use for her Geography. Brenda used it and loved it. It is a story about a boy who sends a little toy boat with an Indian inside down through the Great Lakes on a journey to the ocean. I am planning on Brenda being the teacher for this subject for Emily - it will help reinforce the things she learned and I think they will like working together.

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