Friday, June 22, 2007

Using up my grocery stock!!!

So, here I am talking about stocking up my freezer and pantry and now my stock's down - but it sure came in handy. Last Friday night my billfold was stolen from inside my car in my carport.

It was totally my fault - Artie told me all the time not to leave my billfold in there - but somehow I never really understood he meant it. But guess who isn't leaving anything in the car now?

So, Friday was the day after Artie's payday and I had all my grocery money in it from the week. All gone!!! I could have gotten more money out of the bank - but really felt like it was my fault and I needed to try and do the best with what I already had in the house without buying more.

I've made it through the week now and am ready to plan some real meals for this week!!

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