Thursday, May 22, 2008

Paper Back Swap

I have so enjoyed my membership with Paper Back Swap. It's great and it's free!!

You just list the books you are willing to swap and then when someone wants one of your book, you mail it to them (you pay shipping your books and books are shipped to you free).

I listed and mailed many of our unwanted books. Here are some of the books I've gotten so far...

A Daily Rate by Grace Livingston Hill (my new second favorite writer)

Five Children and It (Emily's school book for next year)

Five Little Peppers and How it Grew (Emily's school book for next year)

Mary Poppins (Emily's school book for next year)

Pilgrim's Progress (Emily's school book for next year)

The Pursuit of God (Brenda's next devotional)

Every Man's Battle (Troy's new read)

Career's Working with Animals (for Brenda)

Whispers Down the Lane (Brenda read and loved - a youth book from Beverly Lewis)

You get two free credits for signing up and then a credit every time you mail someone one of your books.

If anyone trys it out, let me know... :-)

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