Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tradition Azalea

Friday morning, the children were out of school for a teacher's work day. Brenda had been to a birthday party the night before and spent the night. When I picked her up that morning, we stopped by Lowe's to get some more paint for the kids' fort. We found some beautiful azaleas for sale for $2 each. Last year I bought 2 and then Artie bought me 2 more for Mother's day and they were about $15 each. I bought up 10 thinking Troy would plant them for me when I got home. Well... the best laid plans...Troy didn't feel good and spent most of the afternoon sleeping.

The pretty pots lined my front steps as long as I could stand it and Emily and I got out there this evening and planted them all. Hopefully, these will do better than the 3 I killed last year!!! I'm definitely going to save my receipt this time - they will give you your money back if they aren't living for a year!!

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