Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Democratic National Convention

I don't post much on worldly affairs - there are plenty of other people who take much more of an interest in them than I do. But I have to say, I have been watching the Democratic National Convention on TV this week.

They have good stuff to say - end the war responsibly, lower taxes for working class, clean up the environment, unity, peace, love.... it just goes on and on. Yeah, all that's great, but what does it matter if we still allow our country to kill off it's unwanted babies. What makes us different from the Nazi's? Kill those we don't like, approve of, want?

Our pocketbooks are probably tighter than most of any who read any writings I do, but what does it all matter if we continue to kill our nation's babies? I know and understand the economy is important, but I pray that people will vote not out of their pocketbooks, but out of their hearts for the unborn.

I saw this picture on Highlights from Higher Ground: From the Mission Field of the Home - where the hungry are fed and the naked are clothed. This is what the Democrats see when they open their hotel windows each morning.

It's good to see people taking a stand. American Right to Life Action "successfully captured a Guinness world record by displaying a 530-foot tall and 666-foot wide abortion protest sign weighing more than 2,700 pounds, sewn together with four miles of stitching linking 2,400 twin sheets. " according to WND. The article said that supports began planning as soon as they heard that Denver was picked as the host city of the convention.

Brian Rohrbough, vice president of ARTL Action said "the group wants voters to recognize that Democrats have nominated a candidate who will support the killing of unborn children. 'We want the public to realize that anyone who promotes killing the innocent is evil and should not be supported," Rohrbough said. "We're trying to point out that the Democrats have aligned themselves with this vicious practice of killing innocent children. The reality is if the candidate doesn't realize it's wrong to kill another person, then they're not fit to govern. It doesn't matter what issue they're right on if they're wrong on the issue of the sanctity of life."

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