Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

It was the most beautiful Valentine's Day I can remember in a long time today.

Troy started the day with an Upward basketball game. He has been a volunteer coach for a third grade basketball team at church with his friend, Kellen. He has so enjoyed it. He loves children (wonder where he developed that love?)

Then tonight he went to his first formal with a good friend. I so love friendships.

Brenda was recently hurt by a friend and another friend stepped up and made her Valentine's day special. I think he probably touched my heart more by befriending her than he did hers. It's so hard to see your children hurt, but then so joyous to see them happy.

Artie and I went to dinner as Brenda babysat the littles for us; just basking in the joy of knowing our children were happy tonight. We have had many evenings out where sometimes it seemed like the worries of the day would have sunk us under if we had allowed them. But tonight was so different - very light and breezy and full of joy. We got to reminisce on our own prom nights (we had three of them) and growing up days. Its is such a blessing to be married to my best friend and to have grown up together as well. I loved him when he was just a boy and his daddy was driving us to the mall!!! Ohhh, love....

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