Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mimi and Granddaddy

It seems so hard for me to get to blog lately. I spent the morning visiting with Mimi and Granddaddy. I so wish I made more time to go and see them. I enjoy going and always seem to come away with more wisdom!!

Today I called Artie when I was trying to make up my mind. I knew he would tell me to go. It's just hard to leave the house when there is so much to do. I said to him "I want to visit M&G but there is so much work I need to do here". Artie is always so gracious to me. He said, if you stay home and clean the house, it will just need it again tomorrow. Go and visit M&G while you have them here with you!! So we had a lovely afternoon.

They had just returned home from a funeral from a Sunday School member. Mimi says their Sunday School classes are dwindling down quickly - it's sad for them to watch their friends die. They are blessed to have had each other so long!! I pray that Artie and I have the great marriage they have.

We talked about the current economic situation. Grandy is very wise and happy that they have no debt and are settled in their humble home. He talked of people living above their means and always trying to one up the other person. Makes me happy for the choices we have made financially to try our best to live debt free.

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