Monday, November 02, 2009

Yeah!! Daria's here!!! Here are some pictures from Daria's visit a couple of months ago. (I'm still so slow on blogging!!!)

Daria, Chad and the children all came for a day visit while they were in the states. When they were here we didn't know yet that they were going to be able to stay in SC for a year!!! BTW chickie, I'm ready to play again soon!!

Mrs. Photogenic!!!

Daria became my best friend when we were in college. Even though I was totally scared of her when I first met her - she has been nothing but a blessing in my life. Daria's one of those people who always thinks the best about you and loves with her whole heart.

Here are Daria and Chad's children. This is Daniel. We share a birthday. All the children would amaze you with their language abilities - all speaking 3 different languages before they came home to the states!!!

This is David. He's such a sweetie!!

Watch out world!! This one is just like her mama!! Hopie is a doll. Her and Terry are only a couple of days apart in age. Terry's very first trip was to see Hopie in the hospital when she was born.

Here's Chad. Stephen loved playing cards with him and Artie. Chad taught them a new card game with hats???

For lunch we fixed a big salad and some watermelon.

The kids had fun playing in the water and we took a walk around the neighborhood.

For dinner, we grilled some pork chops and also had some pasta salad, corn on the cob, tomatoes, peach cobbler and chocolate cake.

Daria showing the right way to have your picture taken while you're trying to eat!!

I was so glad that Brian and Lauren were able to come for Daria's visit. They came early and spent all day. I think we wore Lauren out!! We're a lot to handle for the whole day. I told her she needed a code word to tell Brian - "get me outta here" - but she was a trooper and stuck it out for the whole day. (Lauren - you need to give me your e-mail address. I wanted to write you back last time you commented.)

It was a beautiful day full of laughter and love.

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