Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Terry's 5th Birthday

Well, I guess I am more than a little behind on my blogging. Here are some pictures from Terry's birthday - on April Fool's Day.

I can't believe my baby's five!!!

Terry is going to join in on the twins' birthday party in June, so he got just presents from Artie and I and a birthday dinner on his actual birthday. (all thrifted!!!) :-)

Present #1 - First pair of roller skates!

Daddy likes to get outside toys!!! Not as much clutter in the house!!

Watch out!!
Bobby and Emily to the rescue!

Emily's such a great big sister!!

Present #2 - Zoingo Boingo - Another outside toy!!! Lots of fun jumping and exercise here!!

Terry is such a sweet boy!! We were definitely blessed with his arrival!!!

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