Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Paper Back Swap

I just found a fun sight through Shower of Roses - it's called - Paper Back Swap. I listed 10 books I have been meaning to list on e-bay (much easier than listing on e-bay!!). That gave me two free books to pick and have mailed to me free. Next, I have already had one the the books I had listed chosen and will mail it off tomorrow. That will give me a third free book. I pay for the books I ship and each other person pays their own shipping. It looks like a great set-up. I can't wait to pick my books!!

Has anyone else used this before?

If you register, please use my e-mail address - artiequinn @ yahoo . com - i think I get credit for you signing up, but I'm not sure how to post their banner here yet??? :-)

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