Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jack and Nikki's Wedding

I have been wanting to post about Jack and Nikki's wedding and just haven't had a chance. Brenda took all the little children to the park, so while I have a minute, I thought I would post some of the pictures.

For those of you who don't know - Jack is one of Artie's best friends. He met him through his work. Jack is the one who got Artie to move from his last job to his newer one at Comfort Systems. It was definitely a good move. We have come to love Jack and were very happy when he met Nikki. She is a doll!!

Terry was so cute as the ring barer. He loved all the attention!!!

Artie was quite dapper as well!!! Don't you think? :-)

The men were all handsome. Timmy is on the left. He is another one of Artie's best friends. Will, Jack's brother is after Artie, then Jack and Bobby. Bobby also works with Artie - our girls are in love with his little baby - Cohen!!!

The wedding was outside and beautiful. It was at a family friend of Nikki's. There were horses that ran across the pasture after the wedding. It couldn't have been more beautiful!!

Terry loves Nikki and Jack. He especially loved going bowling a couple of weeks before the wedding with them!! Nikki was such a beautiful bride!!
Terry definitely wasn't the only cute little one there. The flower girls were adorable.

Mr and Mrs Jack Floyd

The reception was a lot of fun. It was only about 2 minutes away from the house where they were married. Troy helped a lot with Terry so Artie and I could mingle and dance a little. There were a couple of our favorite songs we got to dance to. I don't get to dance with Artie near as much as I wish I did. Maybe as we get older and the children keep growing those days will come more frequently!!

Here are some of the guys from Artie's work.

I got some special time to dance with both of my boys!! You can't beat that!! Notice how much taller Troy is than me now!!! (No, Terry isn't that tall, I still got to hold him in my arms.)
Terry found a little time to boogie down on the couch until he was politely removed by his mama!!
It was a beautiful day!!!!

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Shay & Gwyn said...

What great pictures! You and Artie look great and your hair is so long and beautiful! Terry looked adorable and a dance with Troy! WOW!