Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Today in the Quinn Home

I'm sorry it's been so long and sparse between my blogs. I'm hoping now that summer is approaching, this will be able to change a little.

Today was a big day for me. It was my last morning alone (with Troy, Brenda, and Emily - how's that for alone?) with Terry. The twins get out of public school tomorrow and next year Terry will be entering Kindergarten... Today was my last day to enjoy him alone - all to me. The boys got out at 11:00, so we didn't have long. Of course, Terry's pick was to go play at McDonald's. He played in the play land and got a Happy Meal for lunch. What could be better??? :-)

I am working today on our summer calendars. I like to make big poster board size calendars for the kids to see what all is coming up through out the summer. It will have outings for church recreation days, programs at the library, swimming lessons, free movie days at the theater and youth group activities for Troy and Brenda. It helps all the questions about when does school start back and when do we get to go swimming again?????

The youth group kick off their summer with a mud war tonight. A family in the church lets them dig up a big mud pit in their backyard that they turn the hose on. They are such a sight when they get in!!!
So, off to work...

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