Saturday, October 25, 2008

Artie's 40th Surprise Party

Our friends - Jack and Nikki gave Artie a wonderful surprise 40th birthday party. He had a couple of questions, but I think in the end he was surprised. Guess they were all surprised when we showed up 30 minutes late. Artie had decided it was his birthday and he wasn't going to rush!! :-)

Nikki got Artie a wonderful birthday hat to wear for the evening. :-)

There was lots of food - here's Artie with his big steak. Nikki asked what kind of cake he liked best - steak!!

Lots of friends from work came. Here is one of Artie's favorite people - Timmy.

They played lots of games. Here they are throwing darts in the garage.

Artie tried to catch up with the times and play the Wii.

Nikki wore Jack out on most of the games. :-)
Jack and Artie always seem to end up like this....

(here they are at Jack's wedding)

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