Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brenda's 8th Grade Formal

So, we live in Gaffney now. Who knew there was an 8th grade formal? Back in 1982, Artie's and I were attending our first dance - the 8th grade semi-formal. :-) Wish we had got to dress up like Brenda did. Wish we had all the great friends she does.

Here's the whole gang.... (Brenda and Hunter in the very middle)

The pretty girls...


Brenda and Hunter. He was such a doll to go with her. They are so cute together!! Hunter home schools so he couldn't really ask her to her school's dance. Brenda didn't want to be the one to invite him, so his mom and I kinda invited them. :-)

Hunter was so sweet to give her such pretty jewelry and flower!!

Summer (Hunter's sister) did her makeup - I know I'm such a mama, but thought she looked so beautiful.

Terri did a wonderful job on her hair.

Why is everyone leaning towards me? They don't want me to feel bad for being the shortest one in the family. (Emily and Stephen are catching me quickly)

Off to the dance.... Such a gentleman!!

I'm sure Brenda will post the pictures of all her friends on Facebook. They took lots of beautiful pictures!! Hope the dance was a beautiful as the kids all were!!


marsha said...

I just discovered your blog! I was noticing all the BEAUTIFUL old homes in the background of your pictures. Looks like a wonderful place to live!

kellyquinn7 said...

Thanks Marsha, it is beautiful. Makes me think of Mayberry - lots of sidewalks and people walking. Very pretty...

Anonymous said...

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eddie said...

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