Friday, April 24, 2009

Terry's Sixth Birthday Party

Terry picked riding 4 wheelers for his birthday. So we all went to Uncle Bryan's for the day.

Hunter and Jacob also came with us.

Granny met us there...


Granny got Terry a Spiderman video game - he loved it!!

The children got him a baseball, bat, and bases.

Granny played baseball with them and got a hit :-)

Artie and I got Terry a punching bag and gloves. He's so funny with them!!!

It was a beautiful day and they had a great place to ride.

It's time!!

Gotta wear your helmet right!!



Brenda and Terry

Brenda, Stephen and Hunter sitting on the dock

Hunter and Brenda took the little children for a canoe ride (the water was so brown from the big rain we had the weekend before)

Bobby and Stephen

Elmo came too

After the hot of the day, the big kids decided they were getting wet

It was freezing cold!!

We all had a fun day. Looking forward to going back when it's warmer and we can swim some.

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