Friday, April 24, 2009

Terry's Sixth Birthday

Terry - my April Fool's baby - greeted me before I ever opened my eyes saying "Look Mama, Look!" I wiped my eyes awake to "April Fools!!" :-)

Terry had a party at Kindergarten celebrating his sixth birthday. It was a very sweet celebration. Artie and I brought the pizza and drinks - along with "Daddy had to work and I couldn't get the pizza - April Fool's!!" :-) The children were all excited.
We were suppose to bring in a poster with pictures representing Terry's life so far. We took one of him and this brothers and sisters, a baby shot, his 2 year old birthday, our whole family at the playground, Halloween as a clown, his third birthday, bowling at 3 years old, fishing at 4 years old, ring bearer at Jack and Nikki's wedding and the most current - winning the Pinewood Derby!!

Terry and Ms. Martin - the classroom helper

Terry and Mrs. Cannon - he got her with April Fool's too!

Each student has a celebration for their birthdays. They hold the earth and walk around the sun and clouds representing each of the 12 months - once for each year of their lives.

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