Friday, July 17, 2009

Emily and Terry's Breakfast

This morning Emily is cooking more blueberry pancakes. Terry (6yo) wanted to help. Emily told him his job could be to get out all the ingredients. She laid the cookbook (cause she is my daughter and we have to have a recipe to boil an egg) out to the right page and Terry was on his way.

He started reading off each ingredient (I realize he learned to read in Kindergarten last year and has been reading to me a lot over the summer, but it still surprises me when he reads in real world places). He read off flour and wasn't sure where it was. Emily told him quickly to check the frig. I was married before I knew keeping the flour in the frig would keep out any little pesky bugs. He read off baking powder and didn't know what that was. I told him to just get the other things and Emily would get that in a minute. When he moved on to the salt he found a can in the hutch that said baking powder. He was so excited that he had read it and found it on his own. I can't believe how much the children are all growing up. I don't really think they need me here at all anymore (except maybe to referee for them). :-)

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