Friday, September 11, 2009

Boy Scout Camping

Catching up with some pictures from earlier in the year...

Artie, Stephen, Bobby and Terry went camping with the Boy Scouts at Mr. Dan's house. Stephen was impressed with the tepee, it had a bathroom inside.... Stephen liked giving Granny Smith apples to the horses.

Stephen found a toad.

He had to show Bobby.

and Terry..

and Mr. Chris... You know how important a toad it to a boy~~~~ :-)

Talking at the campsite.

Time for a walk in the woods

On their hike they picked up their favorite nature finds and worked them into a spider web made of string. Stephen had a empty cocoon in his.

Even when Scouting, Bobby's still the gymnast!! :-)

The boys had a nice picnic in Artie's tailgate.

Yummm, Lunchables!!!

Time for the campfire - Stephen was picked to be the wearer of the Armor of God.

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