Monday, September 14, 2009

Preparing for Fall

We have begun preparing for fall in the Quinn home.

Here's a little list we've begun:

Kelly - Working through winter boxes - taking out jeans and light jackets. (one year I will be smart enough to pack these separate from the heavy winter sweaters and coats - right now it's just all a big pile of anything warm clothes)

Children - Trying above jeans and jackets on to see what still fits

Kelly - Packing too little clothes in Goodwill bags

All - Straightening work room and cleaning behind all winter boxes as we go

Kelly - Packing up bathing suits, beach towels, tank tops, sleeveless shirts and sundresses

Troy - Gathering from storage - football chairs

Kelly - Make a "to go" menu plan for football nights

Artie - Deep cleaning porch

Kelly - setting out fall mums

Artie, Bobby & Terry - Weeded front flower beds

Artie - Grass cut and trimmed

Kelly - Setting out fall dishes (just a couple of cute ones I ended up with last year - not a whole set) A house with 6 children - who has a whole set of anything? :-)

Kelly - Cooking the last of everyone favorite summer foods - Saturday we fixed a big cold plate and followed it up with homemade milkshakes. It was so yummy. The kids love doing cold plates. We had several kinds of meats, sausages, peppers and pickles, crackers with pimento cheese, cheeses, croissants, deviled eggs - seems like I'm forgetting a lot, the table was over loaded!!)

Kelly - Gather all Scout uniforms

Kelly - Lay out cozy throws in living room on couches and chairs

Kelly - Turn the air conditioner off and open the windows

Artie and Troy - Cleaning gutters at Mimi and Granddaddy's

What are you doing?

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