Thursday, September 03, 2009

Holiday Grand Plan

Yeah, the Holiday Grand Plan started this week. I love it. Lists, list and more lists!!!

This week is List Week/Front Porch. I have:

started my new Christmas notebook (updating the one from previous years)
- sorted through last years papers and filed the gift lists
-new Internet shopping list to keep account of items ordered
-new shopping list to work on (items for the house)
-new gift lists for this year - including Christmas eve presents and stocking stuffers
-new size list for the children (already have Brian and his girlfriend, Lauren's sizes all posted - now I just need the children that are living here~~)
-new to do list
-new present ideas list

-book of stamps

Beginning to work on front porch... still lots to do for this week.....

So, even though I haven't gotten near all that is suggested for the week, I've started.

Is anyone else working with the Grand Plan???


Krista said...

Thanks for joining me on blogging about the Holiday Grand Plan!

How are your preparations coming along? I'm gearing up for week two and excited about seeing the progress.

Jessica Buhl said...

Here is my plan...I want to SEE you this holiday season!
<3 you!