Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Lunch Money

One of my favorite finds last year was

Lunch money has always been so hard for me. More times than I can count I've ended up at Wal-Mart on Sunday evenings trying to get ones for a twenty. I love Wal-Mart, but they are a little stingy with their ones. Seems they think moms should be more prepared and stop by the bank to get the change they need - each week!!!

Due to the ages differences, the most we've ever had in school at one time was six. Those six were divided into three different schools and six homeroom teachers. Separate lunch money was a killer!!

Add in on that, I'm a scattered person and often just plain forgot to send it!!!

In came My Lunch Money to save the day. You can set up accounts for each child at each individual school. Set a minimum balance and when their account drops below, it automatically refills!!!

Yeah, no more calls from the lunch lady!!!

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