Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To my children...

Above All Else
by Debby Boone

So much to say and just a lifetime left to say it.

How quickly time passes.

If I had my way, I'd keep you safe within my arms

While the storm of life crashes.

I won't always be with you, my child,

But words I can give.

When the winds of hope are dying down,

These words will live.

Above all else, know God's the One who'll never leave you.

Look to Him above all else.

He is love you can depend upon, a heart set to care.

If in the darkest night you should be lost, He will be there.

He’s the Everlasting Father,

In His hands you’ll never fall.

He’s the One who holds it all,

Above all else.

He’s the Author of your laughter,

He’s the Keeper of your tears,

He’s the One who you must fear

Above all else.

He’s the Giver of the kingdom

Bought for you right from the start,

And He’ll ask you for your heart

Above all else.

So much to say

And not enough time left to say it.

Just love the Lord

Above all else.

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