Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year End Review - December

Emily was in the Gaffney Christmas parade with her Girl Scout Troop. It was very cold that day. We all walked down to watch the parade and got lots of candy.

Brenda sang in the Granard Gifted/Honors Chorus at the Limestone College tree lighting. They sang three songs. Brian, Emily, Terry and I went and watched and then saw Santa afterwards. We had hot chocolate and hot apple cider with come cookies. Artie and the other boys stayed home and played army (moving all the furniture around to hide behind in the living room).

Brenda, Emily and her Girl Scout troop went and sang Christmas carols at Brookview nursing home.

Emily and her troop toured the Biltmore House for their Christmas party. It was Emily's first field trip without mama. I stayed home and went Christmas shopping that day.

We went to Papa's house for Christmas with him, Karen and the girls. We had a fun day.

The little boys got a train table.

Emily got a Barbie computer.

Papa and Karen gave Brenda a beginners sewing machine. She has been busy sewing patterns from the instruction book.

Troy got a CD player and a Carolina Panther sweatshirt.

Brian got a Washington Redskins sweatshirt (hiding in an iron box) and money for new speakers for his car.

Daddy gave me and Artie a new video recorder. I need to read the book more. It is a little more advanced than my push the record button abilities!!

We gave Daddy and Karen a fire pit for their porch and then Hillary and Miranda both got the 20Q quiz game. We all had fun playing them.

We celebrated Christmas with Artie's family at the Rainbow Lake pavilion. It was a lovely night.

Granny gave all the children gifts - the boys got How Wheels cars and trucks.
Emily got a new baby doll (and a new baby blanket handmade by Granny's friend Ms. Laura). The older children all got money. Brenda spent hers at Old Navy and Troy bought some pickles!!

We played our Chinese swap game. Artie got a fishing reel and I got a gift certificate for Belks.

The older children have their own swap game. Brian came away with a $15 gift certificate for Blockbuster (which he used to rent Cars for the little children to watch), Troy got $5 for Hardees, McDonalds and Pizza Hut, and Brenda got a $15 gift certificate for Old Navy (she bought two shirts and a white tank top to wear underneath).

~Christmas at our house~
Terry was sick on Christmas day. This was the first time in my whole life that I haven't been at my Mimi's house and the first time since we started dating that we hadn't been with Artie's mother. It was a quiet and peaceful day. We stayed in our pj's all day and played with our new toys and video games. Don't you love the dinosaur? I think it was my favorite present to the boys!

(The kitty got a new bed from Santa)

There were many Christmas miracles but that will be a whole blog entry to it's self.

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