Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year End Review - November

Brownie Troop 2623

Emily attended her first Girl Scout Pinning Ceremony.
She was responsible for telling about the Girl Scout promise.

She received four badges.

My Body
Travel Right (our trip to Myrtle Beach)
and Girl Scout Ways

(Carol, I knew you would be proud to see our second generation Girl Scout! I've showed her our pictures)

We spent Thanksgiving day at Granddaddy and Mimi's house. She cooked a huge meal. It was so yummy. There is nothing I'd rather eat than my Mimi's cooking. She sent me home with a big jar of her gravy!! It's always fun eating at Mimi's. We have so many that Mimi sets place settings all over the place - the kitchen, the living room, the back porch. I realized even though I'm 38 years old and have seven children, I've never graduated to sitting at the "grown-up" table in the kitchen. Next year I need to do better and get some pictures during Thanksgiving.

The Sunday after we got together with Artie's family. We ate at the commons room at Bobbie's apartments. It was fun. Bobbie said it was the first time in like 34 years that she's had all her children home at the same time for Thanksgiving. Brian and Cindy came from Florida and Janice and her friend, Dale, came from Charlotte.

We also went that week and had a cookout at Brian's new place at the lake. It is very pretty there. Brian and Cindy grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. We walked down and looked at the lake in the dark. All the children loved it. The boys camped out one night too.

I had my usually after Thanksgiving shopping event this year but thanks to the Yellow Mall, I was able to start at 12 o'clock midnight!! I shopped all night and Artie came and helped me around 5:00am at Wal-mart, then we had a restful breakfast at Waffle House. My feet hurt so bad!!! :-) But I got some great things!!!

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