Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday at the Quinn Home

Artie is watching football - Go Panthers!! and the Nascar race.

Troy is at his Discipleship Group

Brenda is at her Discipleship Group - they are having a scrap booking night, she just called and asked if she could stay a little longer.... :-)

Emily is cleaning her room (we weren't home yesterday, so most of our heavy cleaning didn't get done). She is trying to get finished in time to watch High School Musical (again!!) before bed.

Stephen, Bobby and Terry are outside playing in the backyard. They are covered head to toe in dirt, just like little boys should be!! Almost bath time!!!!

I am taking a much enjoyed computer break. My task bar has up:

*How to write a research paper (doing a little home school homework for mom - prep for Brenda- she will be writing a research paper on each of her grandparents this year)
*Yahoo mail - a note to myself to get all needed clothes, shoes, and book bags together for school and work tomorrow
*By Sun and Candlelight - an article about seasonal comfort drinks - this is my favorite blog!!
*Storybook Woods - a wonderful article that had a link to - an online compilation of books read aloud - one on Emily's history books - An Island Story - is listed. She will be able to listen to her stories online now. One subject that will clean up a little reading time for me.
*YouTube - listening to Third Day's Cry Out to Jesus

I had a nice outing with Gwyn today (although it was too short!!). She was in town to visit her grandmother, who is sick and in hospice care now. We met up at the yellow mall with her mom and niece and nephew and did a little shopping. I got Brenda a cute little ... for Christmas (can't list it, she might read!!) :-) I also got Artie some dumb dumbs and sunflower seeds and then picked up some pizza. Oh, I almost forgot, I also got Emily her first picture album. We just got back her pictures from Girl Scout camp this summer (how slow am I?) - I think she will have fun cropping and making pages!!

So, that's the day in the Quinn home. Gotta get ready for tomorrow. It's my Mimi's birthday!!!

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