Thursday, January 01, 2009


It seems as if it has been forever since I've been on my blog. We been so busy with the holidays and my grandmother being in the hospital that I just haven't had time to sit and write. I am trying to recover from that!!

Mostly this blog is an online way for me to keep a family journal for our girls to look back over, so over the next couple of days I will be back tracking to fill in some of the gaps.

It's been a good day here. Over the past couple of weeks all the children have been/are switching bedrooms. Brenda and Emily just finished painting their room today. What a project that has been. This is the first time Brenda has really painted on her own and I think she now appreciates all the painting Artie and I have done in this house. :-) She and Emily are moving into Troy's old room which was painted a dark Army green. Kilz - the one coat paint - took four coats!!! I've ended up spending over $100 just on the silly paint!! Tonight she is going to be working on cleaning the floor - can you believe there was a little spilled paint even under all the plastic we had down? Tomorrow will be cleaning windows and then hopefully moving furniture. Brenda can't wait to get up there and hang some Jonas Brothers posters on the newly painted walls!!! Plus the room is twice the size of their current bedroom and twice the closet space. Each girl will have their own walk-in - currently they have no closet. (These old houses are definitely wanting in the closet department!! The girls have been using a nice pick shelf/closet from the ABC Distributing store for things that need to hang and bags and shoes and belts and stuffed animals. It was definitely time for a switch!!)

I'm cooking on one of my new Christmas presents. Artie and I got a big George Forman grill on the day after Thanksgiving sale at Wal-Mart. We have loved it so far. Tonight we are cooking pork chops.

All the children go back to school on Monday. I think Artie and I might just sleep the whole day!!! :-) He doesn't have to go back to work until Tuesday, so one day alone will be so nice!! I will miss everyone when they are gone but will enjoy getting back into some type of routine.

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