Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas with Granny

We celebrated Christmas with Artie's family at Rainbow Lake Pavilion again this year. I love it there. It's so big and roomy for all the children. I don't have to feel like they are about to break anything and they have a fun time.

Here is Bobbie with most of her grandchildren. Here they are with the older girls - Amber and Brooke's husbands. Yes, out children do make up over half the picture!! Hey, when you're good at something - don't you think you should stick with it? :-) Matt (back row left) is the best to see here. He lives in Florida and we don't' get to see him that much. He's grown so since I've seen him last. He kept the kids mesmerized with money and card tricks.

Emily got baby furniture from her grandmother. A crib, stroller and high chair - just what she was needing!!

The little boys all got big trucks full of matchbox cars - what could be better. They play for hours on their car rug in their bedroom lining up all their cars and picking houses.

The big kids played their swap game.

and then the adults got their turn. I got a lamp for my living room and Artie got a gift certificate for Canyon River restaurant - which we enjoyed very much... It was a lovely evening.

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