Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Before the children are awake....

The stockings
Here they come...

The only thing Terry asked for was - Hungry Hungry Hippo.
Bobby wanted a leather coat - isn't he a little young to be asking for a coat for Christmas?

Stephen had as much fun with Hungry Hippos as Terry did.
All the little boys got new animals. They were cool - from Planet Earth - and each had a DVD that showed their animal in it's natural habitat.
Terry - penguin
Bobby - Jimmy the elephant
Stephen - Oscar the chimpanzee

The boys all got building things - Tinker Toys, Magnext, Lincoln Logs - and bicycles - they are at such a fun age.

Emily had a doll Christmas - she got a new girl doll and twin babies. She also got a kitchen so she can cook for them. She's so good in the real kitchen, it won't be much longer that she plays with a toy one... I want her to stay little as long as she can.
Emily also got this beautiful book - Little Mommy. It went well with her whole doll theme. I love this book and had it when I was little.

Brenda got some Jonas Brothers and Family Force Five music. A camera and her favorite - a phone with unlimited text messaging. See how fast they grow up - no dolls or babies or kitchens...
Here she is with a Jonas Brothers poster for her new room.
Troy (have we lost our minds?) got an electric guitar. He keeps it in his hands most of the time. He is currently learning his scales.
It was such a fun morning. God is always so good to provide for us.

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