Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm so hip

Brian cracked me up a couple of days ago. He texted (or text?) me (cause I'm so hip now and text!!) and said "guess what I did for hours last night?" So of course I texted (?) him back and said "what?" Well then he said

(I feel like an episode of the Cosby show with Rudy and her mom and dad - he said, then she said....)

So, he said "I've been reading Life at the Quinn home for hours!!" :-) He's so funny. I ask him if he learned anything new? :-)

His friend Lauren was reading with him - from her house on her computer (just a little confusion there on my part??? It was the middle of the night.) So now Lauren is coming over with him Sunday to go to church and meet the family.

Now, I'm testing Lauren to see if she is still checking in on the blog. Which really would be bad cause I haven't written again since they were reading. Anyway, looking forward to meeting you Lauren. I'll be the frazzled looking mama trying to shush her children in church. So, if your still out there, leave me a comment. (you too Brian!!)


Lauren said...

Hii Mrs. Kelly,
:) It's Lauren. I was so happy to get to meet all of you today. The picnic was awesome. You have a very beautiful family, and I was so honored to get to spend time with you all. :) I'm most definately looking forward to coming back with Brian.

kellyquinn7 said...

Hi Lauren,

It was very nice to meet you yesterday!! Thanks for the complement on the family - we are very blessed. Bring Brian back anytime you want - we would love to see him more than we get to now!! :-)

Don't forget to make that boy cook you something good!! (not a grilled cheese, that doesn't count as cooking!!)

Did he tell you he left with Terry's car seat? He's gonna have to come back soon....


Brian said...

;) hey mom, lol sry i took Terry's seat. it took me a min to find where you were talking about us coming ;) i know lauren is ready to come back, so we will have to make another trip up there soon, love you, tell everyone hey for me