Monday, June 01, 2009

Teeny Tiny Thoughts

There is a cute post - 2 actually - from Totally Together Journal called Teeny Tiny Thoughts.

I love reading her train of thoughts.

Here are mine currently - this is the way I write to Gwyn sometimes just to get everything off my mind.

  • it's past dinner time, Artie is hungry
  • waiting on the ribs to finish cooking
  • playing on the computer, should be washing dishes
  • Emily is excited about making the deviled eggs, enough to set the table first
  • Artie, Bobby and Terry are watching The Three Musketeers
  • Troy and Stephen are taking a nap
  • Brian came over for his birthday dinner last night (19yo) and didn't take his take home plate with him - I'm eating spaghetti for dinner, not ribs
  • the air conditioner feels so nice - I have a wonderfully talented husband
  • I wish the produce stand in the middle of town was open now
  • hating there is nothing on network TV during the summer
  • I'm reading a book by Eugenia Price called Early Will I Seek Thee
  • I was so proud of Brenda at her 8th grade graduation today - did you see the picture on my facebook?
  • waiting for 3 more hours of school to be done tomorrow to sit back and breathe a little - no more homework!!!
  • clothes hanging on the line
  • clothes drying in the dryer
  • clothes washing in the washer
  • clothes waiting to be next!!!
  • I hate library fines too and have the same weird feelings - and almost always have library fines - even when I make myself little notes about what books and movies are checked out and when they're due - I think I just have way to much to think about to think about library due dates. Still paying fines is cheaper than buying books!! :-) (Which I still do too much!!!)
  • the little boys have a swimming party with the boy scouts Friday - they don't know and I'm not telling - not yet!!
  • the kids are doing a summer reading contest - just here with our family - last year Stephen won and got a rocket for his prize - terry is excited because he can read this year too!!
  • now I've got to print off the reading lists for all their different grades - we just use the AR reading list from the pubic schools
  • first I need more computer paper - AGAIN!!
  • spring is feeling nicer and nicer - I have almost cleared my head enough to enjoy the whole thing!! (3 more hours of school!!!)
  • Emily is a wonderful cook - I am planning one cooking project for her each day over the summer and she is excited - today - deviled eggs (tonight we are cooking a dozen - making 24 eggs) - my mama's recipe - I wish I had a piping bag for her to play with - but I've cleared out everything unnecessary from the kitchen - maybe we'll at least use a sandwich bag to pipe with
  • listening to WLFJ

Okay, now my brain is emptied out. Time for dinner.... What are ya'll having?

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