Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Wise Woman Builds Her House

There is are two beautiful posts at A Wise Woman Builds Her House.

The first one I found was called On Things Hoped For... where a wise woman ponders her in-law children yet to be. Her daughter asks her - do you realize one day the size of our family will double? What a blessing that will be. She thinks on things yet to be...
  • dinners with all the children and spouses
  • helping with new grandbabies and new homes
  • holidays together
  • older sisters helping little sisters with their first gardens
  • little brothers helping older brothers with their yard work
Imagine ... I get to gain 5 more daughters and 2 more sons!!! What joy. I am praying!! :-)

The second writing was so dear to my heart. One of my favorite quotes of all times is by Emilie Barnes (my Emily's namesake) saying "in the heart of most of us (women) is a little girl who longs to be a lady" (from The Spirit of Loveliness). So of course I couldn't help but love a writing titled How to be a Lady. The wise woman writes on the two aspects of being a lady - the outward and the inward.
Outwardly she shares that we should strive to ...

1. Carry ourselves with good posture not slouching.
2. Dress modestly.
3. Look clean and well kept (hair, nails, etc).
4. Clothes in good repair.
5. Dress femininely.
6. Smell lovely.
7. Peaceful countenance and joyful demeanor.

While inwardly striving for ...

1. A Gentle and Quiet Spirit
2. Love, joy, peace, patience
3. Discretion
4. Unselfishness
5. Purity
6. Humility
7. Kindness, Goodness and faithfulness
8. Self-control
9. Sobriety
10. Grace and mercy
11. Godly character
Wouldn't this world be a more wonderful place if only ...

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