Thursday, October 11, 2007

I bought the coolest CD last night!!! Emily has been reading and memorizing poems from Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses. I found a CD that has 16 of his poems set to music. They sound beautiful!!! I just know she will love it.

Here's the review from Amazon...

Editorial Reviews

As a young Scotsman, the famous author Robert Louis Stevenson suffered a childhood of illness and frailty. As a result, Stevenson developed a rich inner life as well as an author's keen sense of observation. Much of A Child's Garden of Verses comes from this period of relative infirmity. And on A Child's Garden of Songs we most agreeably find these same charmingly insightful words set to music, sung and played by a cast of singers and musicians in fashions that range from whimsical ("Auntie's Skirts") to magical ("From a Railway Carriage") to wistful ("To Any Reader"). Written expressly for children, these poems breathe life into new worlds born of a love for language. Coupled with fine arrangements on Celtic pipes and strings, this is a fertile garden of enrichment for the whole family. --Paige La Grone

From Parents' Choice®Robert Louis Stevenson's children's poetry, timeless verses that so vividly describe the world of a child's imagination, are set to music by musician/producer Ted Jacobs with a Celtic flavor and lullaby rhythms. The poems about early summer bedtime, the wind and rain, playing pirate, shadow play and dreamy times are brought gently to life by child and adult singers. A 1999 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Winner. (Lynne Heffley, Parents' Choice®)

Emily has already gotten some fun school things this week. First, she has been studying about our state bird - the Carolina Wren - in her reading from the first story in the Burgess Bird Book. We've done a lot of fun things besides just reading the story. We've looked the Wren up online and found one building her nest and another one feeding her babies. We've colored a picture of one (Terry too) and learned their sound. We put up a new bird feeder and listened and found them singing in our backyard. Then Emily got a stuffed Wren that makes the tea-kettle sound when you squeeze it.

She also got some material with the Carolina Wren and the state flower - yellow jasmine - on it. We haven't decide what she is gonna do with it yet. We'll have to talk with Granny - our sewing teacher - first; maybe a tote of some kind.

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