Saturday, October 06, 2007

Quiet at the Quinn Home

It's quiet at the Quinn Home today. Well, as quiet as it can be with four little one running wildly!!! :-) Troy and Brenda are at the Fall Retreat with the church (they will be home tomorrow) and Artie is taking a well deserved nap!! Quiet time is such a rare thing to me now days, I almost don't know what to do with myself!!! No worries, I will work it out!! :-) I so miss having Daria and now Gwyn here with me. I often wonder why God sends my friends off to serve Him in other countries??? :-)

We've have a nice day here today. It's been terrible muggy, but thankfully not too hot. The leaves are starting to show signs of changing soon, several are flying around in the air.

Stephen and Terry went and got haircuts and I finally got Stephen signed up for wrestling!! :-) Finally I have a son who wants to wrestle!!! This is my favorite sport by far!! I'm hoping Troy might try out for the High School team, but I really don't think he's interested. He too caught up in ROTC. Stephen asked me today if he kept wrestling until he grew up if he could wrestle on TV (something he's not even allowed to watch - which is funny to me - cause it was my favorite show growing up - but the didn't have all the filth on it like they do now!!) Oh, for the good old days with Ric Flair wrestling Dusty Rhodes!! :-) I know good little Christian, homeschooling mamas aren't suppose to like wrestling, but that's the way I was raised!! :-) I use to watch it with my grandmother. My great-grandfather use to sit his chair right in front of the TV and then get so upset, he would turn his chair over jumping up. The doctor told him not to watch it any more - it wasn't good for his health!!!

So, enough of my silly post today. The littles are watching An American Tail for the first time. I will probably work in my bedroom tonight. It has been very neglected lately since school started.

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